Valve Product Checklist 

Erdmann Corporation will work closely with you to define your valve needs and specify the product to meet those needs. Use the list below as a guide to some of the many factors needed in making an important valve purchase. Knowing this criteria will help you select the best valve for the particular application.


  • Media Being Handled, e.g., liquid, gas, slurry or solid
  • Corrosiveness of Media, e.g., pH, concentration
  • Corrosiveness of Atmosphere
  • Flow(velocity, capacity, Cv, direction
  • Pipe Size
  • Media Temperature (max-min)
  • Pressure
    • Maximum operating pressure
    • Maximum differential pressure
  • Operation,e.g., manual/automatic, on-off throttling
  • Installation Constraints
  • Envelope Dimensions
  • Weight
  • Accessibility
  • Conformance to Appropriate Standards, e.g., API, ASTM, ANSI, FM, UL, OSHA, etc.
  • Tightness of Shutoff Required 

Valve Requirements 

  • Type of Valve,e.g., ball, butterfly, gate, check, control, globe, plug, relief, regulator, pinch, diaphragm, etc.
  • Valve Size
  • End Connections,e.g., screwed, flanged/lugged, wafer, butt-weld, mechanical joint, etc.
  • Materials of Construction, e.g., carbon steel, resins, steel or other alloys, cast iron, etc.
    • Body
    • Trim
    • Seats
    • Bolting
  • Frequency of Operation
  • Packing (type and material)
  • Special Requirements, e.g., stem/shaft extensions, locking device, position indicator, jacketing 

Valve Actuation 

  • Type, e.g. manual, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic
  • MotionRequired
  • Rotary, e.g., quarter-turn, multi-turn
  • Linear
  • Mode of Operation
  • Double-acting
  • Spring return (spring-to-closed, spring-to-open)
  • Required Valve Operating Thrust or Torque
  • Power Supply, e.g., voltage, available air supply
  • On/Off, Throttling or Proportional Control
  • Corrosive Resistance (materials, coating, tubing)
  • Speed of Operation
  • Frequency of Operation
  • Special Requirements, e.g., tagging, testing
  • Accessories, e.g., limit switches, positioner, solenoid, valve, transducers, manual override 

Service Requirements 

  • Testing
  • Source Inspection
  • Availability of Replacement Valves, Actuators, or Parts
  • Documentation,e.g., certified prints, dimension drawings
  • Installation and Maintenance Instructions
  • Delivery Requirements, e.g., timing packaging
  • Availability of Engineering Service, e.g., application, field, factory 

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