Sanitary Valves


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Sanitary Valves

Sanitary valves are specialized valves that are designed for clean or sterile processing applications such as food processing, medical, and pharmaceutical. They have a smooth, polished surface without crevices or cavities where contaminants can accumulate, eliminating the risk of buildup and bacterial growth. Sanitary valves are commonly made from stainless steel and can withstand frequent cleaning and sterilizing processes.

Selecting a Sanitary Valve

When selecting the right sanitary valve for a system, it’s important to consider the intended application and which medical, food, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), and ANSI standards the components must meet. Other factors to consider as you’re selecting a sanitary valve include:

  • Which type of valve is best to control flow movement
  • Specifications such as diameter, working pressure, and operating temperature
  • The kind of material being transported through the valve

Types of Sanitary Valves We Offer

At Erdmann Corporation, we supply a wide variety of valves and components to our customers. Our three most popular sanitary valve types are butterfly, ball, and check valves. 

Sanitary Butterfly Valve

Sanitary butterfly valves have a spinning disc that quickly opens or blocks off the interior area of an attached pipe system to halt the flow of fluid. They can remain partially shut to create a pressurized stream of fluid or fully open by rotating the disc to be parallel with the fluid flow. Sanitary butterfly valves are commonly used in throttle valve applications.

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Sanitary Ball Valve

Sanitary ball valves are composed of a hollow, pivoting ball and are commonly used for fluid regulation and control applications. Operators use a handle to quickly open the valve by aligning the hole with fluid flow, and close it by pivoting the ball 90°, allowing the flow of liquid to stop immediately. 

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Sanitary Check Valve

Sanitary check valves have a unique design that prevents potential backflow. The entrance port is blocked by a disc on a spring. When the fluid has enough force, it pushes against the disc, through the valve, and out the exit port. When the pressure isn’t strong enough, the check valve seals shut, ensuring one-way flow. Sanitary check valves are commonly used in complex manufacturing and processing applications.

Sanitary Valve Brands We Carry

We partner with major sanitary valve manufacturers to provide the right parts and solutions to each of our customers. We carry the following brands:

Tru-Flo. Tru-Flo sanitary valves are easy to integrate into preexisting systems due to their self-adjusting packing that removes the need for brackets or similar hardware. The insulated design eliminates the risk of leaks.

ITT. ITT specializes in creating hygienic valves for pharmaceutical systems and other sensitive applications. Their sanitary valves and components are built for a diverse range of high-purity and aseptic process needs.

Saunders. Saunders sanitary valves meet international standards and come in a wide variety of types and fluid compatibilities. They’re ideal for use in manufacturing systems in food, beverage, personal care, and pharmaceutical industries. 

Dixon. Dixon sanitary valves are available in 304 and 316L stainless steel varieties to best withstand contact with different types of fluids. Dixon also produces an extensive line of fittings to match any piping system or specifications. 

VNE. VNE specializes in valves for biopharmaceutical, food, dairy, and personal care industries. They provide educational seminars and are involved in developing safety standards for the industry.

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Working with Erdmann Corporation

Erdmann Corporation is an industry expert with over 75 years of experience in providing reliable hardware for manufacturing and processing centers. We provide consistent service with top brands in the industry. Request a quote today to get started on your next valve solution.