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At Erdmann Corporation, we’ve supplied valves and valve products to industrial customers and contractors for over 80 years. Our broad selection of standard and specialty products, combined with our automation services, allows us to meet and exceed even the most demanding customer requirements. Below we provide an overview of the actuated valve accessories we offer. 

Valve Communication Terminals (VCTs)

Valve communication terminals (VCTs) are key to valve automation applications. These electronic assemblies enable industry professionals to maintain careful control over valve operations by utilizing integrated measuring, monitoring, and positioning devices (e.g., position sensors and output controllers) to determine current system conditions and adjust operating parameters accordingly. 

We offer several VCT products from StoneL™, all of which feature a fully sealed, solid-state, and modular design. They are available in C-Module (for use with the AXIOM platform) and Dual-Module (for use with ECLIPSE, PRISM, and QUARTZ platforms) configurations.   

valve communication terminals on white backgroundDeviceNet VCTs

DeviceNet VCTs rely on the DeviceNet protocol, which is based on the controller area network (CAN) technology commonly used in the automotive industry. They interface with a variety of popular PCs and PLCs, such as Allen Bradley and GE Fanuc. Additionally, they can be used to integrate up to 62 simple discrete or complex analog devices on a single four-wire trunk network, which can cut installation costs by up to and exceeding 30%. Their reliability makes them well-suited for mission-critical applications (e.g., airbags and anti-lock brakes), while their noise immunity makes them suitable for industrial and process environments.  

Visit the DeviceNet VCTs page to learn more about these products. 

AS-Interface VCTs

AS-Interface VCTs utilize the Actuator Sensor Interface (AS-Interface) protocol, which is widely used for discrete apparatus and analog input applications. The network’s simplicity and reliability make it suitable for general and demanding process environments. These terminals can gateway directly into Modbus/Modbus+, PROFIBUS, DeviceNet, and Ethernet networks. We also offer a variation of this product with extended addressing capabilities. 

Learn more about these products on their respective product page, or with extended addressing.

Foundation Fieldbus VCTs (Bus-Powered or Externally Powered)

These VCTs employ the Foundation Fieldbus™ protocol, which was designed for use in the process industries. The protocol offers multi-drop capabilities, long trunk lengths, and full compatibility with intrinsic safety circuits. It also features a unique user layer with Device Description (DD) and communication blocks that allows the host device to keep track of the capabilities of other devices on the network. 

These terminal products are available in bus-powered and externally powered variations. Find out more about these products on their product pages for bus powered and externally powered.

Valve Communication Platforms

Valve Communication PlatformsWe offer a variety of StoneL valve communication platforms:

  • Axiom valve communication platforms are suitable for quarter-turn pneumatically actuated valves. Their advanced analog sensing technology allows them to provide discrete monitoring, communication terminal interfacing, discrete pneumatic control, diagnostic capabilities. They are suitable for general and extreme environments. Learn more about Axiom platforms
  • Eclipse valve communication platforms are utilized for quarter-turn pneumatically actuated valves. Their capabilities include discrete monitoring and communication terminal interfacing. They are available in general and hazardous area variations. Learn more about Eclipse platforms
  • Quartz valve communication platforms are used for quarter-turn pneumatically or manually actuated valves, positioner mounted valves, and linear globe or gate valves. They feature a dual-module system design and robust construction. The latter quality makes them suitable for harsh environments (e.g., exposure to corrosive compounds). Learn more about Quartz platforms.
  • Prism valve communication platforms are generally employed for linear diaphragm or angle valves. They offer capabilities for discrete monitoring, communication terminal interfacing, and discrete pneumatic control. Variations with intrinsically safe and non-incendive ratings are available. Learn more about Prism platforms
  • Hawkeye valve communication platforms are typically used for linear or globe valves. They utilize single switch/sensor technology for discrete monitoring operations. Learn more about Hawkeye platforms

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